Hello and thanks for visiting The Naked Cloud Guy website! :-)

The mission of this website is to remove the many layers of confusion around computer virtualisation and cloud computing. Stripping it back to bare essentials and take a more simplistic approach, getting to the essence of what it is and how it effects the person in the street.

This website is directed to the non-technical business decision maker, those who’s job it is to take care of the compter related tasks. Whether you own your own business and need more information or work in any size company and want to know more about today’s computer technologies, then this website is for you!

This is not a techies website, there’s plenty of those around, just try Google!

Join me, Graham French, on this voyage of discovery as we learn more about today’s and tomorrow’s technologies and what effect it has on our daily lives and how we can learn to harness the power of Cloud Computing and Virtualisation.

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