Evo:Rail – 4 hosts into 3 licenses does not go…

In a previous post, I’ve praised the ingenuity of Evo:Rail and the ease and simplicity with which it can be installed. However, the very use case for me is not without it’s issue. VMware sells an edition called ROBO, which stands for Remote Office, Branch Office. This is a handy way of purchasing licenses, especially in a 10 SKU pack, that allows me to get the software that my customer needs, in a value for money manner. ROBO is a great way of purchasing vSphere¬†licenses for an enterprise that has a number of branch offices. Something I have utilised a fair amount in the past. It’s easier to cost a solution and much easier to order with a single SKU.

But, and this is a big one, the ROBO license covers you for 6 CPU sockets, which in essence means 3 hosts. Eco:Rail promotes itself on the premise that you can configure 4 hosts in a single 2 U appliance. Which is great for me and my customer, until I tell them that their license model will be a lot more expensive.

Because what you cannot do, is purchase a ROBO license for 3 hosts and then utilise them on a 4 host solution. It just doesn’t work. Buying a 4 license for the 4 host implementation when you have a fair number of branches, could be a deal breaker. Or at least, put the client off from utilising an Evo:Rail solution.

I wonder if anyone in VMware has brought this up…?

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